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New Ownership!
Mark & Tara Doe of Louis Doe Home Center

New Location - 92 Mills Road, Newcastle, ME (Located inside Louis Doe Home Center)

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After fifteen years  in business,  we’ve evolved from Days Emporium and Days Emporium Engraving to Emporium Engraving, LLC  -- same place, same faces,  same phone number and the same great customer service!  


Days Emporium started out as a whimsical gift shop offering things out of the past in an old country store environment.  But, their customers wanted many of their purchases personalized and the nearest engraving shops were an hour away.  What to do – Purchase state-of-the-art engraving equipment and put John’s expertise in graphics and spatial relationship to work.  They tacked the word ENGRAVING after the name of their shop, and very quickly, they were in the personalized gift business.

Ellie and John then got requests from local businesses and organizations for engraved awards, plaques, and trophies.  Then came the jewelers, the banks, the boat builders, the model makers, the libraries, the police and fire departments, the town offices, the churches, the museums and anyone else with a need for engraved signs, plates or badges, and what have you.  Folks started bringing in family items and many strange oddities to be engraved.  There's no better way to add provenance and a sense of history to what would otherwise just another piece.

Now the engraving customers are asking the Days to take care of needs for imprinted ribbons and cast bronze plaques.  It is a natural fit.  And the local jewelry stores, gift shops, and art galleries are able to offer their customers fast turnaround and good service for their engraving needs.

The Days invite anyone to their shop at 3 Academy Hill Road in Newcastle, on the corner of Academy Hill Road and Mills Road.  If you have a complex engraving or marking project it is usually best to call ahead to 207-563-7773 and make an appointment with John.  He’s the expert, but don’t tell that to Ellie.



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